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Madison Avenue 5n

Depth: 39 in. (94 in. when bed is fully extended)
An "N Series" Sleeper

Details & Options:
Disassembles For Ease Of Access
7 Bed Sizes
   Chair Bed
   Chair+1/2 Bed
   Love Seat Single Bed
   Condo Size Double Bed
   Queen Bed
   Day Bed 72
   Day Bed 77-XL
Wide Range Of Fabrics
Choice Of Seat Firmness
North American Pull-Out Bed System (With Optional Safety Features Included)
Spring Or Upgrade To One Of Several Foam Mattresses
Optional Foam Mattresses: FlexoCell . PosturPlus . OrthoPlus . OrthoTemp
Overall Sizing Can Be Customized
Reversible L/R Chaise Lounge Extension
Available With Or Without Arms
Many Pouf styles (Storage, Sleeper, Mono-Bloc)
Commercial-Rated Seating Ensures Extreme Durability
Industrial Strength Cushioning Designed For High Traffic Use
Visit Our Resource Center For More About “N-Series” Sleepers

Chair Bed from $ 4400.
Chair +1/2 Bed from $ 4650.
Love Seat (Single Bed) from $ 4900.
Condo Sofa Double from $ 5500.
Queen from $ 5800.
Day Bed  (Custom) 72 in.  Request A Quote
Day Bed (Custom) 77 in. XL Request A Quote

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