The CONDO Sleeper One

The Best Sofa Bed You’ll Find Anywhere
A Multi-Functional Convertible

CONDO Sleeper One
Arm-less Daybed (36″ x 72″ and XL 76″)

Also Available In 30″ And 33″ Depths
Custom-Tailored In A Wide Fabric Range


Euro King EK-72″
   36″ Depth (opens to 72 x 72″)  …. from
$ 5900.
Euro King Extra Long EKXL-76″
   36″ Depth Opening (72 x 77″ ) … from 
$ 6500.
Prices Do Not Include Fabric
Arm Rest / Lounging Pillow (
   (only available with day beds) … $ 399.  pair

There's A Space Saving Size For Everyone
Please Request Quotes For
Chair Bed & Other Sofa Size Options

Highest Quality Available
Custom Built & Available Only At
Kates & Company

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UnSurpassed In Versatility
The Ever Evolving
CONDO Sleeper

Since First Introduced CONDO Sleeper One Has Evolved
Into A Comprehensive Collection Of Convertibles
Offering The Same Features Advantages And Benefits
The Original Model Has Been Providing For Generations
Changing The Way People Feel About Sofa Beds Forever
Toronto Life Magazine Once Reported This Incredibly Versatile Convertible As

"The Legendary CONDO Sleeper"

FAQ about the CONDO Sleeper Concept

  • The CONDO Sleeper collection offers the Highest Quality convertible sofa beds available today, with the NEW AND IMPROVED PosturPlus-10 Mattress providing unparalleled Whole Body Support.
  • Some clients tell us they prefer sleeping on a CONDO Sleeper than their own mattress because the Sleeper provides Far Better Support And With Its Newly Enhanced Technology We Expect To Hear That More Often
  • Clients have even been known to purchase a CONDO Sleeper in order to escape a snoring partner … then only to return for a custom-made mattress for the bedroom, hoping that a PosturPlus Mattress might solve the snoring issue …
    Yes we still do make great mattresses that have clinically helped a lot of people over the years … but
    unfortunately we can’t claim to cure snoring.
  • This modular seating system provides Exceptional Solid Seating & Back Support, enough so that some clients actually moved their CONDO Sleepers from the guest room to the main living area.
  • One client told us his wife insisted their new living room sectional duplicate the support she felt on the  CONDO Sleeper he had in his home office.
    Their designer chose an upscale version called the YORKVILLE which provided a play area and sleeping accommodation for their many grandchildren (up to  6 at a time).
  • In any case to answer your question about comfort … yes people feel it is comfortable but since comfort is such a personal matter … only you can decide … So Visit Us Soon And See For Yourself.
  • Because  the slope of the backs offers Optimal Non-Supplemented  Upright Support for most seniors

  • Adjustable Seating Depth accommodates both tall and short adults without using throw pillows for propping

  • Extremely Easy To Operate requiring little effort to convert from seat to bed

  • Exceptionally Durable and will provide proper back and seat support for a very many years

  • Practical Multi-Functional Solution for any Home Office or Guest Room and even Bachelor Suite

  • Exceptional Accommodation for your visiting grandchildren and other guests

  • Your guests will have a bed that’s possibly better than the one they sleep on at home (unless of course they own a PosturPlus Mattress

  • The 72 & 77 inch DayBeds can create 2 separate beds so they’re great for accommodating guests separately

  • Many of our clients in planning for the future, want a CONDO Sleeper to accommodate healthcare providers if ever needed

  • If you are  downsizing? No problem because Condo Sleeper One is available in 3 depths ( 36″ 33″ & 30″) which means there will be a size to fit every space

Durability must be exceptional because some of our clients have owned a CONDO Sleeper One for over 40 years and still use it daily.
Many clients over the years have purchased additional CONDO Sleepers for a summer or winter home and even the wreck -room.
In fact clients have purchased 
CONDO Sleepers for cottage guest-overflow and then returned to order another for their home.
People would not be such devoted fans if they weren’t receiving exceptional value in the CONDO Sleeper One.
There are versions of CONDO Sleepers at hospitals, vacation resorts,  B&B’s . . .Therapist Offices (as consultation couches) . . . Waiting Rooms and many other locations. 
Commercial use requires exceptional durabilityThe same high quality materials are used in our residential models as well.
There is no secret, we use high quality materials and there are no moving mechanical parts to fail or break down

It’s possible that you may unknowingly have slept on a CONDO Sleeper One at your favorite B&B or resort here in North America (although among other destinations, CONDO Sleepers have been shipped to England, Belgium, Russia, Japan and Israel).
A young couple once came in to order a CONDO Sleeper One because they had just returned from visiting a friend in New York City.
In complimenting her on the 
“Great Sofa Bed” she had provided, they were surprised to hear it was a CONDO Sleeper purchased from us while she lived in Toronto. She didn’t want to leave it behind so shipped it to her new home in “The Big Apple”.

The original “CONDO Sleeper One” was our very first convertible sleeper circa 1972.
It’s a Euro Concept Flip -Style multi-functional 3-Seat Sofa /Day Bed that converts to become:

A Single Bed  … Two Single Beds …  King-Sized Bed … And Chaise Lounge
Its All-In-One Design makes CONDO Sleeper One possibly the most versatile sofa in the market.
(Watch The Video Demonstration)
The original CONDO Sleeper One has evolved into a complete modular sectional seating system including
7 Chair Bed sizes . . . Corner Seats . . . 8 Sofa Bed sizes . . . and
POUF Sleeper Ottomans.
All seating elements are convertible sleepers and that means you’ll always have room for more guests.
Featuring the Posturplus5 mattress, you can be assured your guests should be delighted with their stay.
In fact with the high quality and great support of the 
PosturPlus Sleep System, they may just invite themselves back for a return visit.
Seating elements can be infinitely arranged to create multi-levelled interior “landscapes”.

As You Will See In The Video, A Standard 72 in. CONDO Sleeper One Daybed (available as 77XL)
Is An All-In-One . . . 
Converting To:
A Sofa
Single Bed
Chaise Lounge
King Bed
and 2 Single Beds
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