Yorkville FS

The Most Versatile High Quality Sleeper Available

  • Premium PosturPlus5 Mattress
  • Extremely High Quality Orthopaedic Bed
  • The original CONDO Sleeper One requires a wall to support its back bolsters however it has now evolved into the 
  • YORKVILLE FS … a totally “Free-Standing” model which means that …
  • Chair Beds
  • Sofa Beds and
  • Daybeds
  • Can now all be placed virtually anywhere independent of a wall.
  • With its seemingly limitless range of sizes,  YORKVILLE FS is literally the most versatile modular sleep system you’ll find anywhere.
  • Clients tell us  how these day beds are
  • Far superior to a regular bed and 
  • Unquestionably better than any other sofa bed they’ve ever slept on.
  • Some clients even use CONDO Sleeper Collection DayBeds as their primary bed.

More On Versatility

  • As with other models in the CONDO Sleeper Collection, the 72 and 77 inch Convertible Days Beds Are Multi-Functional.
  • The 3-Seat Sofa (DayBed) effortlessly converts to a
  • Single Bed
  • 2 Single Beds
  • King-Sized Bed . . . And
  • Chaise Lounge
  • It is a true All-In-One Convertible.
  • The various modular seating  elements can be arranged to create a wide variety of multi-level interior “landscapes”.
  • With their customize-ability YORKVILLE FS Daybeds are unparalleled in flexibility making them truly,
    The Most Versatile Convertible Sleepers Available Today


  • 3 Depths Available  … 30 inches … 33 inches … 36 inches
  • 7 Chair Bed sizes
  • 8 Sofa Bed sizes
  • Corner chairs and sofa beds and
  • PoufSleeper Ottomans
  • Various structural arms are optional
  • Movable arm pillows are available
  • Custom-sizing “to fit” is also optional
  •  Select from 1000’s of fabrics

Accommodating Guests

  • All seating elements are convertible sleepers which means you’ll always have room for more guests.
  • Featuring the Posturplus5 mattress, you can be sure your guests will be delighted with their stay. In fact with the high quality of the PosturPlus5 Sleep System, they may just invite themselves back for another visit.
  • YORKVILLE FS is a perfect solution for people who need to sleep separately because this daybed easily converts to 2 single beds


All are available in depths of 36, 33 or 30 inches
Standard Length 72″ ( Choice of 36″, 33″ or 30″ Depth )
from $ 7900.
Extra Long 77″ ( Choice of 36″ ,33″ or 30″ Depth )
from $ 8200.

( All are available in depths of 36, 33 or 30 inches
Standard length 75″ 
from $ 8500.
Extra Long 80″ 
from $ 8900.
Fabric Is Extra
Dimensions Are Approximate
For Other Sizes And Options Please Contact Us To Request A Quote

Product Development

  • A tremendous amount of design engineering has gone into the YORKVILLE FS collection.
  • It was well worth our effort because we now have a comprehensive sleep system that can address virtually any need (residential, commercial and institutional). 
  • Click below to see a few of the products which have emerged;
  • Prince Edward County Sleeper 
  • Custom Day Beds
  • The YORKVILLE FS system seems to always provide a solution for everyone whether it be an issue of space, accessibility or even a medical need.
  • Contact us now and make an appointment for a custom fitting
  • Let Us Support You For The “Rest” Of Your Life


  • Sectional Configurations (Customized To Fit)
  • Arms  … Choice Of Arm Width 
  • Wide Range Of Upholstery
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