Traditional Foam Mattresses

Available In Various Levels Of Firmness
  • EconoCell (an economical foam mattress which we no longer retail to the public, however it is wholesaled to the trade)
  • FlexoCell3 (this is the industry standard for mattress manufacturers, but we now only wholesale it to the trade)
  • PosturPlus5 (for many years this was the best consumer rated product available, found primarily in very “high end” furniture stores. Although it still maintains that same high quality, it is now our basic entry-level consumer model)
  • Reflex2000 (a combination of the features offered by both the PosturPlus5 and the OrthoPlus)
  • OrthoPlus (introduced over 30 years ago . . . a commercial grade product, still at the top of its class)
  • EuroFlex (a more luxuriant version of the OrthoPlus)

OrthoTemp Mattresses

Available In Various Levels Of Firmness
  • Home Essentials OrthoTemp . . . The Newest & Possibly the Lowest Priced Mattress Of Its Type On The Market
  • Standard OrthoTemp (a top quality consumer rated product, now our entry level into the OrthoTemp series)
  • Contura OrthoTemp (a more luxuriant version of the Standard OrthoTemp)
  • Classic OrthoTemp (among the highest quality consumer rated mattress products on the market)
  • Nova OrthoTemp (a hard wearing model for those who want a firmer OrthoTemp mattress)
  • Ultra OrthoTemp (a commercial grade product, and unquestionably, the highest quality mattress on the market today)


  • Standard North American
  • European
  • Prescription
  • Sofa Bed
  • Wall Bed
  • Virtually Any Custom Size

ORTHOTemp  Foam Mattresses

Traditional Euro-Style Foam Mattresses

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